Making what you have work for what you want

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Whenever I put together an outfit, in the back of my mind I’m always looking for that “wow factor.” That one thing you’re wearing that everyone is going to notice. Back in my sorority days, this was also known as the one item that every sister of mine would ask to borrow every other week. It was almost as if this item and my name were synonymous. I believe every girl should have one of these items. Maybe you got it at a boutique no one has ever heard of and threatened the owner to destroy any duplicates of it so no girl could ever possibly have this one item…whatever you did it was all for the sake of the “wow factor.” 

My “wow factor” item today is perhaps a little more attainable than going to a boutique, in fact it’s as simple as going to your local Anthropologie. This sweater looks cozy and adorable all in one. It goes well with your basic jeans, boots, and gold jewelry. It’s the perfect shade for Thanksgiving and the holidays which also makes it ideal. It’s a little more expensive than the average sweater, but it’s one you’ll wear a bunch in fall. Think of it an investment in your new favorite item in your closet. What’s your “wow factor”? 

Still need a gift for your best friend?



Nordstrom has some great gifts that are affordable enough to give to friends and yet still great enough to get that reaction you want everytime you give a gift! I’m a little partial to Kate Spade and I love both of these crossbodies above, one is made to hold iPads which is great for a college student or a working professional who brings their iPad to meetings. The Tory Burch make up case is also a gem because it’s simple, useful, and Tory Burch! These gifts are all an easy way to put a smile on your friend’s face. And now that Nordstroms offer free shipping and returns there is no reason not to say yes to these goodies!

Pretty in Plaid

Screen Shot 2013-11-17 at 2.44.25 AM

I mentioned my backstory with plaid in my post yesterday, so by now you know it will always have a special place in my heart. Wearing plaid in fall is perfect, and pretty much every year it’s a good idea to throw this print in your outfits, it really never goes out of style. Please don’t try to wear all plaid, because unless you’re Cher Horowitz from Clueless it’s likely to be a total disaster. Add a touch of it to your outfit is a great way to pull a look together. I’ve selected some great finds in the photo above. Some are more expensive than others (aka that Ralph Lauren skirt!) but hey, a girl can dream.

The Sperry Top Sider bag and REI hat would make GREAT gifts for the holidays. I know that here in Cali there is probably no reason for me to wear that hat unless I went up to the mountains but I love giving them as gifts because they just look adorable and I know my brother would wear one on ski trips . The bag is a great find considering it’s plaid AND a crossbody.  Everything else gift yourself with this season!

Camo’s Comeback

Screen Shot 2013-11-17 at 1.54.03 AM

If there was one thing I was never really expecting to see this season it was a camo, but I was totally wrong! Camo is making a comeback, folks. Most people are asking whether they should go with camo or plaid, and everyone is pretty split. Personally, after going to catholic high school where I wore a plaid skirt everyday I tend to stray away from it as much as possible these days. However my favorite fictional character from a movie is Cher Horowitz, for those of you that are unaware she is famous for wearing a certain yellow plaid ensemble, so I have to leave a little room in my heart for plaid still. Camo, however, I have no prior feelings for because it’s just not something I’ve really worn before. I thought it was reserved for those in military service or perhaps a hunter.  So this all begs the question if this look was meant to blend in, what’s making it stand out this season?

My theory is with monochrome being really in right now, as well as wearing different shades of the same color (thanks 50 Fifty Shades of Grey) camo is just a natural progression. The good thing is green is a neutral color that pairs well with most basics you probably already own. Most of my friends are wearing camo jackets, which makes sense. A military jacket in camo is a no-brainer, but luckily they have come out with some fashionable ways to dress up this look such as adding studs and detail on the collar. A simple camo shirt for layering is also fantastic because it pairs so well with so much and adds a little detail to your basic henley. I would totally put a vest over this camo henley pictured above.

If you’re not ready to go all out in camo, no worries, there are subtle ways you can add it into your look. A camo hat is a great idea because it has a little more character than your average winter hat. I would suggest checking out a thrift store to find one because I tend to see a lot of them there. If not, Etsy has some on its site so check those out, and they tend to be under $20, so it’s practically a steal. A camo bag is also a simple way to add this fabric into your wardrobe. What I like about the one pictured above from is the camo has a cleaner look to it. I feel like it makes the camo more feminine and its on a huge bag with tons of compartments I can use, so I’m definitely a fan!

Last but certainly not least are a pair of TOMS in camo. TOMS gives a pair of shoes to a child in Africa everytime you buy one yourself. With the holiday season upon us, what’s a  better way to give back with your purchase than this? Camo shoes make a great gift for yourself or even a male in your life because they are gender neutral. It’s nice to way to add a little color to the boring one-color shoes you would probably wear in place of these if you had them in your closet. Wearing camo this season is all about standing out.

Come at me combat boots!

Screen Shot 2013-11-16 at 7.36.03 PM

If there is one thing I’ve been craving this fall it’s combat boots! In some ways I think they have replaced tall boots this season, I love the rugged look they give to an outfit and how they can be paired with so much. It’s also not too hard to find an affordable pair of combat boots. I’ve selected three above that are great finds under $50.

So many retailers are offering great deals this fall for buying two pairs of shoes, one of the places offering these deals is Just Fab. They have a sale section where you can buy one pair and get another one free. Most of their styles are $40 or under…that’s TWO PAIRS of shoes for $40 bucks! You have to sign up to join and do a quick “style quiz” this helps them narrow down what you like and don’t like so they can send you a personalized boutique. I would say the site is certainly not for everyone but if you like having a personalized virtual stylist Just Fab is a no-brainer. CombatBoot Collage

Another great place is Charlotte Russe! Sadly, I don’t have one near me but they still offer great sales online. Pretty much every week they have a buy two pairs of shoes type discount. I’d recommend checking it out. In particular I’m in love with these combat boots that I can style two different ways.

No matter where you get your combat boots, at the end of the day you’ll be making a solid fall wardrobe purchase! They go really well with tights, leggings, and knee high socks. A cute summery skirt can easily be repurposed to pair with the whole ensemble, just throw a sweater on it, and it makes a perfect fall outfit!

The Art of the Twitter Chat

By now, you know what twitter is, in fact you suspect your parents know what it is and are on it as well. Some people will tweet their every thought, I know back when I first heard about twitter I perceived it as the place to go for people who constantly updated their Facebook status. However, I soon learned that twitter, like any social network is never really just about “you.”

Constantly expanding your network and providing value to your followers is key. One way you can provide value is tweeting links to articles or news. Sure you can include your own thoughts on the piece but in essence you are giving your followers something to read.  It’s important your followers also share similar interests with you, for me, one of my interests is fashion. While most of my friends from college (the main people I actually know and follow on twitter) aren’t constantly reading fashion blogs, I use twitter chats to find those that are and gain them as followers.

Twitter chats are an easy and fun way to go engage with others who share your interests. These chats are often hosted by one user who helps facilitate topics that will discussed. However, anyone using a particular hashtag can ask a question to fellow fashionistas or event to a specific person. One that I often participate in is #stylechat which happens every Wednesday from 12-1 pm (Pacific Standard Time).The chat happens really quickly and I try to answer as many questions as I can and also ask a few myself.

There are chats for almost everything, it just takes a little work to figure out when they are happening. And if there isn’t one for something you are interested in, make one yourself and reach out to fellow twitter influencers to help get the word out about the chat. Follow people, engage with them, and before before you know it, you’ll have a dedicated twitter community.

Give it a try yourself!

Cobalt Fever

While I may not be heading out to sea anytime soon I’ve got the perfect outfit for the vacation. I have these gold Dana Buchman wedges that got a while back because they go with so much it’s amazing! The cork look of the wedge gives them more of a 2013-11-04 17.52.25casual or daytime look in my opinion, which is why they are perfect for this outfit. The Cynthia Rowley top I got for a steal (just $5!) It’s a personal favorite of mine because the cobalt on white is a gorgeous print. I also pair it under blazers from time to time because it’s a great way to dress up a business casual look.

The white linen shorts are a great addition to practically any outfit, I have them in 4 different colors! (from the Gap). I love that they are linen and longer than most shorts so I can pair them with dressier outfits. Last but not least… cute bracelets from the Gap as well, in cobalt add a personalized touch to the outfit.

If I were actually on vacation I would totally pair this look with a fedora or summery hat.

In Pursuit of the Perfect LFV ( Little Fur Vest)

Today i’m loving this perfect little fur vest from American Eagle! It’s under $100 and easy to add to a variety of different outfits. I love that it’s a light color so it doesn’t just blend in with darker hues that are often worn in the fall and winter.

Also, boots are a fall essential. I’ve picked out these boots from Target because they are classic AND affordable. They not only go with this ensemble but probably most of your favoriteImage outfits this fall.  You likely still have a denim shirt lying around from back when it was a HUGE trend. It’s a classic and fashionable look. If your place of work is casual you can easily pull of this look or just add the vest for Happy Hour after work. That’s what I really love about this look, by putting the vest on or off you can totally adapt to the occasion.

Good luck finding your little fur vest for fall!