Lamb Sweater

lamb sweater

One of my favorite sweaters was actually a hand-me-down from my roommate. She was about to throw it away and I asked to keep it. It’s incredibly simple, just a basic gray sweater with a lamb on it. I typically wear it with black jeans. Since it is cold out I layered it with a tank underneath and an Abecrombie kids (yes, that’s right I said Abercrombie Kids) jean jacket on top. I threw a necklace over it to dress it up a little. I love this outfit because it’s a combination of a variety of pieces. The sweater is a recent hand-me-down, the jeans are relatively new, within the year, and the jacket I got probably when I was in middle school.  My shoes are flats (I’ll do anything to avoid wearing heels) that I scored at Kohl’s a few months ago for under $20.

Black Flats

One thought on “Lamb Sweater

  1. That sweater looks adorable. Too bad its not in store now. I would have picked it up in a hot second. I guess that just makes it extra special. 🙂

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