Watch This

Hey there! So I thought I would kick this blog back off with a feature on my current fashion accessory obsession: watches. For the longest time, part of me thought I would never really want a watch because I had little use for it.I theorized I would wear it for a week and then never again.  My test for myself was if I could wear a basic watch for more than two months I would go ahead and buy a more expensive one. So I went to Target and bought a basic gold wrist watch for $16 and got it adjusted to fit my wrist.

Fast forward two months and the gold has faded off the watch so it is about time to invest in a new one. I’m deciding between a few.  I love the simplicity of the Kate Spade Gramercy Grand Watch. I’m also very partial towards anything Kate Spade, and I love the touch of pink because it personalizes it just a little bit.

Kate Spade Gramercy Grand



I also love how sleek this Michael Kors “Slim Runway” Round Bracelet Watch looks! This is definitely one of the fancier watches in terms of style.

Michael Kors "Slim Runway" Round Watch


I also love this Michael Kors “Jet Set Sport” watch. I feel it’s a great compromise between elegant and simple.

Michael Kors



I’m hoping to decide on a watch soon. In the meantime, I welcome your suggestions on which one or any others I should look at! I’m pretty set on a gold wristwatch but I’m open to considering some other ones as well!

Until Next Time

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