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How To Claim A Duplicate Unmanaged Facebook Page

Have you experienced random duplicate Facebook pages popping up in searches on Facebook? This is not uncommon and often these Facebook “place” pages are auto-generated by Facebook. The good news is you can claim these pages and delete or in some cases actually merge them with your official page. Here’s how:

  1. Make sure you are logged into your personal profile versus your business profile.
  2. Navigate to the page you would like to claim.
  3. On the right hand side you should see the question “Is this your business?” 

4. Once you select this you will be able to follow the on-page instructions to claim ownership (through a phone call, email verification or with documentation).

5. Facebook will prompt you after they have verified you are the owner.

6. After you have ownership (otherwise known as admin access) of the page navigate to the Settings section on the page.

7. From here navigate to the General section and find the Remove  Page option at the bottom of the options.

8. You will be prompted asking if you want to delete the page. At this point either the page will enter a deletion mode and you will have 14 days to undo this. Occasionally, the page will automatically be deleted.

9. As another option, you can select merge pages (right above the Remove Page option) and submit to have your page merged with another page. You will want to select the page you want to keep as the top dropdown and the page you want to merge into the page you are keeping as the second one. Facebook will decide if you can merge these pages, one important factor is the names need to be similar. Please note only likes and check-ins will be carried over not reviews, photos, username or any other content.

For more information please check out some of Facebook’s community forums. This particular post does a good job of addressing this question.

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