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3 Books For New People Managers

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You did – you finally made it to that point your career where you are managing people!

While this new promotion or added responsibility can seem exciting having been in your shoes before I also understand it can be terrifying. Below are a few of my favorite books that helped me take away tactical advice to apply to my new role.

Radical Candor

This book is a masterclass in giving feedback, especially constructive feedback. Written by Kim Scott an early employee and manager at Google she uses many of her prior work experiences along with others to give tangible examples of applying radical candor. The entire concept is built around “care personally while challenging directly.” I found the examples extremely helpful in demonstrating how to give and receive tough feedback. It’s definitely not your average self-help type book.

Crucial Conversations

This is just one of those classics you have to read. It is more instructional in terms of tone and layout. It’s a series of tips for handling difficult conversations. While there are similarities to Radical Candor this book focuses more on all aspects of a difficult conversation whereas Radical Candor is a little more focused on difficult conversations in the workplace. Some of the topics you’ll find in this book:

– Prepare for high-stakes situations

– Transform anger and hurt feelings into powerful dialogue

– Make it safe to talk about almost anything

– Be persuasive, not abrasive

5 Dysfunctions of A Team

This book is a very easy to read leadership fable about a leadership team in a company and gives a really compelling narrative about what goes wrong in teams and how to avoid the common pitfalls. I highly recommend reading this book with other team members as it’s a great one to take away as a discussion on how you can work better with your colleagues.

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