Lamb Sweater

lamb sweater

One of my favorite sweaters was actually a hand-me-down from my roommate. She was about to throw it away and I asked to keep it. It’s incredibly simple, just a basic gray sweater with a lamb on it. I typically wear it with black jeans. Since it is cold out I layered it with a tank underneath and an Abecrombie kids (yes, that’s right I said Abercrombie Kids) jean jacket on top. I threw a necklace over it to dress it up a little. I love this outfit because it’s a combination of a variety of pieces. The sweater is a recent hand-me-down, the jeans are relatively new, within the year, and the jacket I got probably when I was in middle school.  My shoes are flats (I’ll do anything to avoid wearing heels) that I scored at Kohl’s a few months ago for under $20.

Black Flats

Making what you have work for what you want

2013-11-19 03.42.30

Whenever I put together an outfit, in the back of my mind I’m always looking for that “wow factor.” That one thing you’re wearing that everyone is going to notice. Back in my sorority days, this was also known as the one item that every sister of mine would ask to borrow every other week. It was almost as if this item and my name were synonymous. I believe every girl should have one of these items. Maybe you got it at a boutique no one has ever heard of and threatened the owner to destroy any duplicates of it so no girl could ever possibly have this one item…whatever you did it was all for the sake of the “wow factor.” 

My “wow factor” item today is perhaps a little more attainable than going to a boutique, in fact it’s as simple as going to your local Anthropologie. This sweater looks cozy and adorable all in one. It goes well with your basic jeans, boots, and gold jewelry. It’s the perfect shade for Thanksgiving and the holidays which also makes it ideal. It’s a little more expensive than the average sweater, but it’s one you’ll wear a bunch in fall. Think of it an investment in your new favorite item in your closet. What’s your “wow factor”?